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Nimble fingers

Parsifal Reparato


Nimble fingers


Bay, una giovane donna migrata dagli altopiani del Nord del Vietnam, che vive e lavora alla periferia di Hanoi, smonta lo stereotipo delle donne come operaie perfette per lo sfruttamento della produzione industriale.

Biofilmografia del regista

Parsifal Reparato was born in Naples in 1985, he is anthropologist and journalist. He studied also as Director Of Photography. In 2011, he realize his first short documentary movie, Mas allá de la Santería (special mention on Procida Film Festival 2013), concerning a medical anthropology research project, about HIV prevention and therapeutic pathways in Cuban Santería. In 2012 he co-realize the documentary Villa villa Vigna (awarded a special mention for the competition “Rural4Youth” of the Ministry of Agriculture) on biodiversity, it’s about the choice of a group of young people to build an alternative lifestyle than that imposed by the urban rhythms. In 2015 co-direct the documentary Rezeki, telling about gold and stone mining in Sumatra, the project has been funded by European Project SEATIDE and University of Milano Bicocca. For years Parsifal works on the socialist and ex-socialist countries which now are facing the challenge of the global economy. A common thread connects his works, his conceptual choices and choices of life that now are coming to the Nimble fingers project, a movie about Vietnamese women workers. Parsifal is also a free lance journalist and collaborate with different reviews. In 2015 his last reportage Chikù, about an italian/rom restaurant in Neaples, was awarded in the Myllennium Award competition. In 2008 Parsifal published essays about second generation of immigrant in Rome, for the European Project Tresegy WP5 with Lunaria Association. In 2010 he published the essay “Integration of Manding community in a neapolitan neighborhood” at the 14 Taller de Antropología Social y Cultural Afroamerican, with Museo Casa de Africa in La Habana, Cuba. In 2013 he published his thesis Illness experience and therapeutic pathways in Cuban Santería about HIV/aids. A visual anthropology perspective.


  • Regia:

    Parsifal Reparato
  • Fotografia:

    Parsifal Reparato
  • Montaggio:

    Armando Duccio Ventriglia
  • Musiche:

    Andrea Filippucci, Eugenio Vatta, Pham Thi Hue e E'Zezi
  • Produzione:

    Federico Schiavi
  • Suono:

    Federico Tummolo
  • Durata:

    51.5 Min.
  • Anno di uscita:

  • Lingua:

    Vietnamita e Muong
  • Data di proiezione:

  • Cast

    Bùi Thị Bảy, Nguyễn Thị Thanh, Vũ Thị Kim Dung

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