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George Watson



Nel corso di una fatidica notte nella zona est di Londra, Candice, poco più che trentenne, impara che le prime impressioni non sono sempre tutto.

Biofilmografia del regista

George is a documentary, commercials and film director as well as a photographer. Previous short films as director include ‘Twelve’ starring BAFTA winner Monica Dolan and BAFTA nominee Joseph Mawle which screened in a number of festivals including London Short Film Festival; ‘Child’ starring Jeff Stewart and Harry McEntire and the upcoming ‘Relativity’ starring BAFTA nominated actress and writer, Meera Syal. In 2016 George took a person`s photo portrait every day for a year and created a project entitled ‘2016 People’. George`s commercial work includes pieces for Macmillan Cancer Support, Very retailers and Kidney Research.


  • Regia:

    George Watson
  • Fotografia:

    Ben Westaway
  • Montaggio:

    Nick Saunders
  • Produzione:

    Dom Riley e Alexei Slater
  • Sceneggiatura:

    Alexei Slater
  • Scenografia:

    Julia Grudnowska
  • Durata:

    10 Min.
  • Lingua:

  • Data di proiezione:

  • Cast

    Olivia Poulet e Nicholas Pinnock

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