Spain, 2016

  • Duration: 105'


In a remote past, in a semi-abandoned village at the foot of a mountain, lives Agostino with his wife Nina and their son Giovanni. The mountain rises like a wall against the rays of the sun, which never come to illuminate their land, reduced to stones and bushes. The film tells the story of Agostino and his family, their daily challenge to tear down the mountain, its ancestral force, and bring back the light.

Movie card

Direction Amir Naderi
Screenplay Amir Naderi
Cinematography Roberto Cimatti
Cast Andrea Sartoretti, Claudia Potenza
Production Una co-produzione Citrullo International, Zivago Media, Cineric Inc,
Ciné-sud Promotion in collaborazione con Rai Cinema
Location Alto Adige
Distribution ASAP Cinema Network

Scheduled on 27 June 2017 at 21:00 in Bourbon Prison

The two cast members Andrea Sartoretti and Claudia Potenza will be present

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