Due... un po' così

Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 100'


The story of an unlikely couple of friends (a Lucan and a Romanian). They are looking for a job. They were fired in the North of Italy, therefore they try their luck in a village of the South, where there's an election. They decide to help a mayoral candidate win the election so that he will find them a job.....will they fulfil their expectations?

Movie card

Direction Daniele Chiariello
Screenplay Daniele Chiariello - Roberto Lombardi
Cast Elio Angelini, Paolo Granci, Melina Caggiano, Peppe Servillo, Gianluca Guidi
Production Carmine Flaminio
Distribution JIMBO Productions
Location Coccaglio (BS) - Padernello (Bs) - Sirmione (Bs) - Provaglio (Bs) - Timoline (Bs) -
Sant'Angelo le Fratte (Pz) Savoia di Lucania (Pz) - Satriano di Lucania (Pz) - Tito (Pz) - Polla
(Sa) - Caggiano (Sa) - Pertosa (Sa)


Scheduled June 30 at 22.30 at the Bourbon Prison

* Daniele Chiariello will be present at the screening

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Daniele Chiariello

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