Italy, 2017

  • Duration: 19'


The Nativity with Saints Lawrence and Francis of Assisi, which disappeared from the seventies, today belongs to the neapolitan boss Angelo Russo. Nicola and Mattia, two lazy poor unemployed guys spend their days at the local bar. Nicola,tired of his monotonous life, wants to break his past, steal the painting with Mattia and start a new life abroad. They do not want to leave any trace of the theft, therefore they ask an old art professor for help. Will the thieves succeed?

Movie card

Direction Gianfranco Antacido
Screenplay Gianfranco Antacido, Antimo Campanile
Cinematography Gianfranco Antacido, Antimo Campanile
Editing Vincenzo Di Matteo
Cast Luca De Rosa, Cornelio Piscitelli, Angelo Anemola, Antonio Letizia, Vincenzo Iaccarino, Anna D’Agostino
Production Gianfranco Antacido AUTOPRODUZIONE
Location Napoli


Scheduled for 25 June 2017 at 11.45 pm at Casa del Sole

The director of the film Franco Antacido will be present

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Gianfranco Antacido
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