Samedi Cinema

Senegal, 2016

  • Duration: 11'


In a small town in the north of Senegal, two young avid cinephiles, Baba and Sembene, are desperate to see a movie on the big screen of their local cinema before it closes its door forever.

Movie card

Direction Mamadou Dia
Screenplay Mamadou Dia
Cinematography Sheldon Chau
Editing Juhui Kwon, Mamadou Dia
Production Cheikh Serge Ndao, Abbesi Akhamie
Location Senegal
Distribution aug&ohr medien
Cast Fallou Keita, Assane Lo, Saikou Lo, Cheikh Anta Dion gas, writer, Penda „Daly“ Sy, Yéla Diop

Scheduled for June 24 at 11:30 pm at the Cathedral of the Assumption

Info e contacts

Markus Kaatsch

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Samedi cinema Trailer from mamadou dia on Vimeo.

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