Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 88'


Caina passes her nights on a beach where she practices the rather particular profession of body hunter. Her job entails recuperating the corpses of drowned foreigners that the sea spits onto the shore. The stranded bodies are then dissolved into cement in a state run disposal facility. Caina earns 15 for each drowned cadaver. She can hear the dead speak, express fear and cry. Caina was a hired killer in the past, a cold hearted, contemptuous killer who specialized in immigrants. Her xenophobic soul is violent and in possession of a visceral hatred for anything foreign to her race, her skin color and especially her religion. Caina is the embodiment of the stereotypical fears of those who judge Islam harshly.

Movie card

Direction Stefano Amatucci
Screenplay Stefano Amatucci,Davide Morganti
Cinematography Roberta Allegrini, Rocco Marra
Editing Paco Centomani
Art Direction Massimiliano Forlenza
Cast Luisa Amatucci, Helmi Dridi, Isa Danieli, Gabriele Saurio
Production Movieland (Salvatore Suarato), Dejavu(Daniele Tomassetti), Quintaluce (Alberto Bader)
Location Vasto - Napoli

Scheduled June 29 at 21:00 at the Bourbon Prison

The director Stefano Amatucci will be present

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