Italy, 2017

  • Duration: 75'


On 30 June 1984 Maradona arrives in Naples to play for the local football team. Neapolitans already know that Maradona will be an important element of the team, a true icon. He will remain there for 7 years, making the Napoli football team win two national championships, a “Coppa Italia”, a UEFA Cup and an italian “Supercoppa”. In those 7 years he will also live the city, its contradictions, its wonders and its difficulties; above all, he will give neapolitans hope for a better future. What is left nowadays of this football player in Naples?

Movie card

Direction Alessio Maria Federici
Distribution Warner Bros. Italia
Location Napoli

Scheduled on 28 June 2017 at 11.20 pm in Piazzale delle armi

The director of the film Alessio Maria Federici will be present


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