Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 9'


A young woman walks rapidly through the streets of a big city. Suddenly she stops, takes a breath, smiles and starts wandering aimlessly, in the grip of a feeble madness.

Movie card

Direction Luca Lepone
Screenplay Luca Lepone, Paola Randi
Cinematography Guido Michelotti
Editing Andrea Vacca
 Cast Alice Attala, Alaa Arsheed
Production Luca Lepone, Paola Randi, Roberta Putignano, Vincenzo De Marco,
Francesco Lopez
Distribution Oz Film Italy All Rights
Location Gravina in Puglia, Bari - Italy Roma - Italy

Scheduled for June 25, 2017 at 21:00 in Bourbon Prison

The director of the film Luca Lepone will be present

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Amira trailer - un film di Luca Lepone from oz film on Vimeo.

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