Lascia stare i santi

Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 75'


A journey through Italy across a century of popular religious devotion. Ancient and more recent saints, white and black Madonnas, devotional processions... are the expression of a need for the sacred that seems very distant from our way of being, but perhaps is not that distant at all. Today, especially in the South, but with some “isolated” locations in the North, popular faith is still a very real thing, which finds its finest expression in song and in music.

Movie card

Direction Gianfranco Pannone
Cinematography Tarek Ben Abdallah
Editing Angelo Musciagna
Cast Sonia Bergamasco, Fabrizio Gifuni
Production Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Distribution Istituto Luce Cinecittà
Location Lazio, Puglia, Sicilia, Veneto
Language Italiano

Scheduled on 29 June at 22:40 at the Bourbon Prison (Castello Aragonese)


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