• Duration: 30'


Seto, a ten-year-old boy, lives with his family in a small village. His mother is expecting a baby and Seto longs for the sibling who is soon to arrive. To hasten the moment of the baby’s birth, he ties white handkerchiefs to the branches of a tree. Tragically, the newborn dies and the void in the family is filled by a tiny lamb, breastfed by Seto’s mother.

Movie card

Direction Vahram Mkhitaryan

Screenplay Vahram Mkhitaryan e Aleksandra Majozinska

Cinematography Marlin Sauter

Editing Ziemouit Jaworski

Art Direction Eduard Hakobyan

Production Munk Studio e Najda Studio

Location Armenia

Language Armeno

Subtitle Inglese

MILKY BROTHER official trailer from Studio Munka on Vimeo.

In programming:

Sunday, June 26 at 21:00 at the Cathedral of the Assumption (Aragonese Castle)

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