The Great Conspiracy!


  • Duration: 97'


It’s election time. It’s always Palmira who decides who’ll be elected next mayor. This year she decides to elect her grandson, Peter, a clueless forty year old whose only skill is playing bowls. Despite his obvious incompetence he is unanimously elected mayor, but the day after his investiture he’s arrested for attempted murder. It’s up to Palmira, Miglieta and Geni to solve the case.

Movie card

Direction Alberto Meroni

Screenplay Diego Bernasconi

Cinematography Giacomo Jaeggli

Editing Nicolò Tettamanti

Art Direction Daniele Crimella e Martino Sulmoni

Cast Rodolfo Bernasconi, Germano Porta, Valerio Sulmoni, Flavio Sala, Simona Bernasconi, Federico Caprara e Marco Capodieci

Production Alberto Meroni

Distribution Luca Morandini – Morandini Film Distribution, Mendrisio

Svizzera, Mendrisio Canton Ticino

Language Italiano / Dialetto Ticinese

Subtitle Inglese

In programming:

Tuesday, June 28th at 10.20pm at the Casa del Sole (Aragonese Castle)


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