Coming and going


  • Duration: 89'


In a mountain village in South-West China, 16-year-old Cheng dreams of one day leaving the mountains behind for a better life. But after his father's sudden death, he drops out of school. Cheng's older brother Long has moved from town to town, taking odd jobs for years. He is fed up with mounting debt, he feels undervalued and is tired of working in temporary jobs that never last longer than a month. The New Year's celebrations are coming.

Movie card

Direction Tianlin Xu

Screenplay Tianlin Xu e Kim Münster

Cast Cheng Li, Long Li , Jun Lu

Production Kim Münster

Location Cina

Language Lisu, Yi, Mandarin 

Subtitle English

In programming:

Friday, July 1 at 22:30 at the Casa del Sole (Aragonese Castle)

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