La terra trema


  • Duration: 157'


Based on I Malavoglia by Verga. The story of a sicilian fishermen family that, trying to buy a boat, loose its house and start to despair. Actors, not professional, speaking the strict dialet, make the film quite difficult, even if the beauty of the images and drama of the story make it one of the masterpieces of our cinematography.

Movie card

Direction Luchino Visconti

Screenplay Antonio Pietrangeli, Luchino Visconti

Cinematography G. R. Aldo

Editing Mario Serandrei

Cast Antonio Arcidiacono, Giuseppe Arcidiacono, Venera Bonaccorso, Nicola Castorino

Production Universalia

Distribution VIGGO Srl

Location Sicilia

Language Siciliano

Subtitle Italiano



In programming:

Saturday 25 June at 21:15 to the Cathedral of the Assumption (Aragonese Castle)

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