Gateway To Heaven


  • Duration: 78'


Gateway to heaven is a film based on a true life story of Rajeshwar Rao. Who has completed last rites of 12000 unknown and unclaimed dead bodies, the film narrates the story in 4 different arts.
Animation, Fiction, Pencil Sketching, Documentary
Animation part narrates the story of international organ mafia, fiction part explains how national organ mafia is functioning, Pencil sketching and documentary part narrates the story of local organ mafia.

Movie card

Direction Anshul Sinha

Cinematography Najeeb Shaik, Saravana Kumar Kanna Vardharaj

Editing Karal Lankireddy

Cast Satyabrata Rout, Birju Shyam, Rajnish Sharma, Rita Gosh, Zabiulla Syed Ismail, Ranjana Dutta, Sandeep Yadav, Shree Tarke

Production Anshul Sinha

Location India

Language Indiano

Subtitle Inglese

In programming:

Monday 27 June at 22:30 at the Terrazza degli Ulivi (Castello Argonese)

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