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  • Duration: 85'


Love first of all. A set of interviews, meeting, opinions about love which create a document tight to contemporary reality about a feeling that doesn't rhymes with happiness.
People meet in the streets, couple of intellettuals, boys, adults and old men express their thoughts showing how socio-political fabric is closely tied to changes on perceptions, loving each other and be together.

Movie card

Direction Antonietta De Lillo

Editing Pietro D'Onofrio e Giogiò Franchini

Production Marechiarofilm

Distribution Marechiarofilm

Location tutta Italia, da Roma a Padova, da Napoli a Milano a Ragusa etc.

Language Italiano

Subtitle Nessuno

In programming:

Thursday 30 June at the Cathedral of the Assumption at 9.15 pm (Castello Aragonese)


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