• Duration: 82'


Six physicians from Europe, America and Asia are working as researchers on a vaccine to fight the Ebola virus, when an epidemic breaks out in their very own laboratory. What follows is a race against time to save themselves – and humanity – against one of the most violent and viral illnesses of all time, in a world where boundaries are broken and everyone is interconnected.

Movie card

Direction Christian Marazziti

Screenplay Christian Marazziti e Luca Monti

Cinematography Leone Orfeo

Editing Maurizio Baglivo e Christian Marazziti

Art Direction Marta Zani

Cast Paolo Bernardini, Melanie Gerren, Valentina Izumì, Silvia Mazzotta, Robin Mugnaini, Benjamin Stender, Gerry Shanahan, Daniela Poggi, Demetra Hampton e “Hal” Yamanouchi

Production Falcon Production Limited

Location Londra, Germania, Los Angeles, Africa, Roma

Language Inglese

Subtitle Italiano

In programming:

Saturday 25 June at 22:30 at the Terrazza degli Ulivi (Aragonese Castle)

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