TIDES (Maree)

A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken) , 2016

  • Duration: 40'



Can a river’s tale awaken a sense of life imprisoned by history? Despite the end of the conflict, in Northern Ireland there is still a city with two different names: Derry, for Catholics, Londonderry for Protestants. In the middle, runs the river Foyle, physically separating them. As a result of 40 years conflict, the river Foyle has become a border, dividing Catholics who live on the west bank, and the Protestants living on the other. What does the river Foyle know about us? The river whispers to us his questions: what is a border? Where did our dreams go?

Movie card

Direction Alessandro Negrini

Screenplay  Alessandro Negrini

Cinematography Oddgeir Saether

Editing Stuart Sloan

Cast Emma Taylor, Javier Ross Ubeda, James King

Production William Silke, Docu City, Basaglia Group

Distribution Alessandro Negrini Film Productions

Location Derry, Northern Ireland

Language  Inglese

Subtitle  Italiano

In programming:

Monday 27 June at 22:00 in San Pietro a Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)


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