Bitte Leben


  • Duration: 64'



Matteo and Ma Na, two Chinese immigrants, run a bar in a small town in northern Italy, inhabited mostly by older people, and slowly they became a part of the simple village life. Ilaria and Luca are two people from Italy who decided to leave and moved to Berlin, where they work, respectively, as a waitress in a bar and as a photographer. These two realities, apparently so different, blend together through the personal search for everyday life in a foreign country.

Movie card

Direction Marco Candiago, Silvia Ciprian

Screenplay Marco Candiago, Silvia Ciprian

Cinematography Marco Candiago

Editing Marco Candiago

Cast Ilaria Serena Graziuso, Cai Zhexin, Ma Na, Luca Abbiento

Production Marco Candiago, Silvia Ciprian

Location Berlino, Concadirame (RO)

Language Italiano

Subtitle Inglese

Bitte Leben Trailer from marco candiago on Vimeo.

In programming:

Tuesday, June 28th at 22:00 in San Pietro a Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)

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