Silo un camino espiritual

Silo a spiritual path, 2015

  • Duration: 70'


In 1969, responding to violence around the world and the military dictatorships of Argentina and Chile, Mario Rodriguez Cobos, Silo,launched a global movement for nonviolence from his hometown of Mendoza, Argentina. The documentary is seen through the eyes of Catalina who travels to Argentina, Chile, Spain, Russia and United States to hear testimonies from people who were inspired by Silo to make profound changes within themselves and
throughout the world.

Movie card

Direction Pablo Lavin

Screenplay Pablo Lavin

Cinematography Pedro Miccelli

Editing Martin Ortega / Alberto Oliva

Art Direction Pedro Miccelli

Cast Catalina Bize

Production La Piramide Producciones

Distribution Paola Rossi

Location Mendoza, Buenos Aires e Parco Punta de Vacas (Argentina), Mosca (Russia), New York (Usa), Santiago (Cile)

Language Spagnolo, Inglese, Russo

Subtitle Italiano 

TEASER SILO SUB ENG from Pirámide Producciones on Vimeo.

In programming:

Thursday 30 June at 21:50 in San Pietro a Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)

Info e contacts

Paola Rossi - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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