ASH, 2016

  • Duration: 15'


Francesco loses everything he has...his company, his wife, his whole life. The only thing he has left is the father's old unpleasant memory.

Movie card

Regia Direction Gianni Saponara

Sceneggiatura Screenplay Gianni Saponara

Fotografia Cinematography Bruno Cascio

Montaggio Editing Gianni Saponara

Scenografia Art Direction Gaetano Russo

Produzione Production SKMG production

Distribuzione Distribution Gianni Saponara

Location Basilicata

Lingua Language Italiano

Sottotitoli Subtitle Inglese

CENERE Official trailer from gianni saponara on Vimeo.

In programming:

Tuesday, June 28th at 21:00 at the Terrazza degli Ulivi (Aragonese Castle)

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