The Barn


  • Duration: 13'


An old crippled man who leads an isolated life in a village, takes out his sheep to pasture on a green meadow. At the end of the day' he comes back to realize one of his sheep has gone missing. The journey originally stemming from searching for his missing sheep, turns into one that carries the old man through his young traumatic days of national service in Southeast Turkey. The old man is no longer a shepherd, but a young warier from his days of service…

Movie card

Direction Hazal Kara

Screenplay Hazal Kara, Sezin Ertek

Cinematography Birkan Yorulmaz

Editing Hazal Kara, Sezin Ertek

Art Direction Ali Denker

Cast Hüseyin Yirik

Production Türkan Kara, Hazal Kara

Location Turchia

Language No Dialogue

Subtitle Nessuno

In programming:

Saturday 25 June at 9.15 pm in San Pietro a Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)


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