Lampedusa d’inverno

Lampedusa in Winter, 2015

  • Duration: 93'


The Italian “refugee island” of Lampedusa is in the firm grip of winter's tristesse. Tourists have left, the remaining refugees fight to be taken to the mainland. As a fire destroys the worn down ferry, that connects the island to Italy, the mayor Giusi Nicolini and the local fishermen struggle for a new ship. The tiny community at the edge of Europe is engaged in a desperate struggle for solidarity with those who many consider the cause of the ongoing crisis: the African boat people.

Movie card

Direction Jakob Brossmann

Cinematography Serafin Spitzer, Christian Flatzek

Editing Nela Märki

Production finali film & wortschatz produktion in coproduzione con Miramonte Film

Distribution Miramonte Film

Location Italia, Sicilia, Lampedusa

Language Italiano/Arabo/Tigrino/Inglese

Subtitle Italiano­­­­­

Info e contacts

Valerio B. Moser - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



In projection:

Friday, July 1 at 22:40 at the Terrazza degli Ulivi (Aragonese Castle)

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