One Hundred Saints, 2016

  • Duration: 20'


In the early 1960s, a German archaeologist named Rudolph Kubesch, managed to steal 15 frescos from the ancient country churches around Matera, in the Murgia area. These true events are intertwined with Antonio’s story, a boy who is obsessed with his fragile mother, and now has to go through the most important stage of his coming of age.

Movie card

Direction Roberto Moliterni

Screenplay Roberto Moliterni

Location Italia, Basilicata, Matera, Miglionico

Language  Italiano

Subtitle Inglese

Info e contacts

Roberto Moliterni - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Centosanti - short movie trailer from Visual Thinking on Vimeo.


In programming:

Wednesday, June 29 at 21:00 at the Cathedral of the Assumption (Aragonese Castle)

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