Brazil, 2010


On the triple frontier between Brazil, Colombia and Peru, the twin towns of Leticia and Tabatinga form an urban island surrounded by the Amazon rain-forest. Cut-off from the economic centers of its respective countries by the forest and the distance, this border is characterized by the constant transit of people and exchange of goods, the incessant sound of motorcycles and radios, the mixture of traditional and technological knowledge and the presence of different cultures and nationalities. Terras portrays the presence and the influence of the frontier on the lives of its inhabitants.

Scheda film

Regia Direction Maya Da-Rin

Fotografia Cinematography Pedro Urano

Montaggio Editing Karen Akerman/ Maya Da-Rin/Joaquim Castro

Suono Bruno Vasconcelos/ Altyr Pereira

Musiche Edson Secco

Produzione Production Cineluz Produções Cinematograficas

Lingua Language Portoghese, Spagnolo

Sottotitoli Subtitles Inglese

Info e contatti

Contatti Contact: Beatriz Goldenberg

In programmazione Venerdì 8 Luglio 2011 alle ore 22.40 alla Terrazza del Convento

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