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Luigi Pane




Parigi, 13 Novembre 2015: la notte che ha cambiato il mondo, vista attraverso gli occhi di Rino e Sophie, una giovane coppia in crisi sentimentale.

Biofilmografia del regista

Luigi Pane was born in Sorrento in 1981 and graduated in Rome in History and Criticism at the University of Tor Vergata with a thesis on Stanley Kubrick. He has always been divided between the two passions: film and writing. He used to be an assistant director for Italian cinema projects and various TV fiction, and a dialogist for Rai 3 "One Place to the Sun" soap-opera. In 2010 he was selected by Rai Eri for an advanced writing lab reserved for 12 candidates, and in 2012 he made his debut with a videoclip that has been widely followed. In 2012 he also won the Casa Sanremo Writers competition with the story "Breathe" and in the following year published his first "Ombre" novel, a noir that has crossed the ocean by winning the International Literature Prize award in New York granted by the Italian Console in USA Natalia Quintavalle. In June directed "Black Comedy", his first short film with Fortunato Cerlino and Antonia Liskova, chosen by FICE (Italian Federation Cinema D'essai) in their prestigious selection of short films in theaters and was selected in numerous important national and international shows such as the Siae - Giovani Autori Italian section at the Venice Film Festival 73, Rome Film Festival 2016, and the Valley Film Festival in Los Angeles where he won the award as the best short film. In 2017 he made his second short film, "L'Avenir", with Antonio Folletto and Carlotta Verny. Luigi Pane lives in Rome, but whenever possible, he returns to Sorrento.


  • Regia:

    Luigi Pane
  • Fotografia:

    Giorgio Giannoccaro
  • Montaggio:

    Marco Spoletini
  • Produzione:

    Meditteraneo Cinematografica
  • Sceneggiatura:

    Luigi Pane e Pierluca Di Pasquale
  • Scenografia:

    Mina Iversa
  • Distribuzione:

    Prem1ere Film
  • Durata:

    13 Min.
  • Anno di uscita:

  • Lingua:

  • Data di proiezione:

  • Cast

    Antonio Folletto e Carlotta Verny

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