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Seat 25

United Kingdom, 2016

  • Duration: 84'


It is five years after NASA found liquid water on the surface of Mars. The Martian atmosphere has changed. All contact has been lost with the planet. On Earth, entrepreneur Michael Macmillan is preparing the first manned mission to the Red Planet, with a seat reserved for an ordinary person willing to do something extraordinary.When Faye Banks secretly enters the Seat 25 competition, she never expects to win. But when the dangerous one way trip becomes a reality, her life on Earth is turned upside down. With time running out, Faye must decide whether to leave her husband, family and friends, or has the prospect of leaving for ever made her realise what she has here on Earth?

Movie card

Direction Nicholas Agnew
Screenplay Madeleine Cooke, Nicholas Agnew
Cinematography Joe Kaufman
Editing Callum Gale
Art Direction Nicholas Agnew, Madeleine Cook
Cast Kate Ashfield, Madeleine Cooke, Nicholas Banks, Clare Fettarappa, Stephen
Lloyd, Adnan Rashed
Production Nicholas Agnew, Madeleine Cooke
Location Brighton

Scheduled on 24 June 2017 at 23:00 in Piazzale delle armi

The producer Michael Taverna will be present at the producer of the film


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