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L'avvocato De Gregorio

Italy, 2003

  • Duration: 107'


De Gregorio is a lawyer, even though he doesn’t look like one. He is an old man with a repulsive look and he lives in a not-so-very-fancy tiny house on Spaccanapoli which consists only of a big room. This room would be empty if it weren’t for three faded photographs: the first and second ones showing respectively a young and a freshly graduated De Gregorio, the third one him and his wife. A newspaper clipping, in which he is charged with fraud against a client, is hung beside them. Truth be told, he’s actually guilty: he had to swindle that client in order to pay for his son’s medical cures, and for this reason he was condamned and emarginated. Only with the help of magistrate Foloni De Gregorio will regain both his human and professional dignity.

Movie card

Direction Pasquale Squitieri
Screenplay Pasquale Squitieri
Cinematography Giuseppe Tinelli
Editing Gianluca Quartu
Cast Giorgio Albertazzi, Ciro Capano, Anna Tognetti, Ernesto Mahieux, Peppe De
Rosa, Massimo De Matteo, Gabriele Ferzetti, Rino Gioielli, Gennaro Morrone, Marisa Carluccio,
Giacomo Matteo Furia, Aldo Spina, Filippo Cangiano, Enzo Romano
Distribuzione 01 Distribution

Scheduled for June 30th 2017 at 10.10pm at Terrazza degli ulivi

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01 Distribution S.r.l.
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