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Il più grande sogno

Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 97'


Mirko is 39 years old and he just got out of prison. Out, in the suburbs of Rome, a “better future” is waiting for him. When he gets elected President of homeowners’ association, he starts dreaming about a different type of existence; not only for him and for his family, but for all over his neighborhood. But making his dream come true is pretty difficult, especially because his father is a criminal. His relationship with his daughters has to be rebuilt, and the past is always an easy door to open. This film speaks about a weak and irrational dream, able to offer a better future to those that scarcely believe in their present.

Movie card

Direction Michele Vannucci
Screenplay Michele Vannucci
Cinematography Matteo Vieille
Editing Sara Zavarise
Cast Mirko Frezza, Alessandro Borghi, Vittorio Viviani, Milena Mancini, Ivana Lotito
Production Giovanni Pompili per Kino Produzioni.
Location Roma
 Kino Produzioni

Scheduled for June 24, 2017 at 22:00 in Assunta Cathedral.

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