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Yom Echad Achari Ha-Shalom - One Day After Peace

Israel, 2012


Can the means used to resolve the conflict in South Africa be applied to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Robi wonders about this, born in South Africa during the apartheid era her son was killed while he was serving in the Israeli Army. She attempted to initiate a dialogue with the Palestinian who killed her son. Her overtures were rejected, she embarked on a journey back to South Africa to learn more about the country’s TRC in overcoming years of enmity. Robi’s thought-provoking journey leads from a place of deep personal pain to a belief that a better future is possible.

Movie card

Direction Erez Laufer & Miri Laufer

Screenplay Miri Laufer

Cinematography Erez Laufer

Editing Miri Laufer

Music Phillip Miller 

Cast Robi Damelin, Andreas Vlok, Archbishop Desmund Tutu

Production Erez Laufer Films & World Cinema (Stephan Markowitz)

Distribution Docs For Education 

Info e contacts

NahumLaufer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scheduled: Sunday 30 June at 22.45 at the Terrace of the Convent


Language: Iglish Subtitles: Italian

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