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L'uomo sulla Luna

Italy, 2014


In the heart of Sardinia, in a village on the mountains of Barbagia, a group of widows tells about their bonds with the world of the dead. For centuries, women have been the voice of the past and have guarded all the stories and secrets of wars between families and bloody revenges.
Feuds and murders interweave with the visions of the dead, with the afterlife and with the dreams, which are at the boundary with an invisible realm and foretell tragedies. The documentary collects the shards of a lost world in which death and violence are frequent and strike every day. A scenery spoiled by the arrival of modernity, from the moment in which man set foot on the moon.

Movie card

Direction Giuliano Ricci

Sceneggiatura Max Luvero, Giuliano Ricci

Fotografia Davide Artusi, Sabina Bologna, Gianmarco Gaviani

Montaggio Giuliano Ricci

Art Direction Davide Artusi, Sabina Bologna, Gianmarco Gaviani

Production Freim, Kenzi Production

Location Sardegna

Language Italiano - Sardo

Subtitle Italiano

Info e contacts

Giuliano Ricci – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



Scheduled: Tuesday, July 1 at 11.20 pm at San Pietro in Pantaniello (Aragonese Castle)


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800 spettatori dal vivo per 17 guest, 40mila sul web: i numeri della versione ibrida confermano il successo. Il direttore Messina: “Evento apripista per il post lockdown”

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