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Indispensable shift ~Fukushima, Tip of the iceberg~

United States, 2015


The creator of this project, Yoko Kubota was born and raised in Japan. Now she lives in the United States.Yoko's two visits to Fukushima included travel into the restricted areas. Her intensive research has led her to make the dissemination of information about Fukushima and the problems of the worldwide Nuclear Power Industry the top priority in her life. Exposure to high levels of radiation affected her health greatly. As Yoko looked closely into the disaster at Fukushima, it soon became apparent that the dangers are much deeper than most people know. A great deal of information is not available through the main stream media. It is also clear that the situation is poised to become much worse. Further human error or additional natural disasters will likely occur.

Movie card

Direction Yoko Kubota

Screenplay Yoko Kubota

Production Yoko Kubota e Jeyla Mendoza

Location Giappone, Stati Uniti

Language Inglese

Subtitle  Inglese

Info e contacts

Contatti Contact:

Yoko Kubota - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Indispensable Shift Trailer from yoko kubota on Vimeo.

Date of screening: Saturday 27 June at 21:00 at Terrazza degli Ulivi

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