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A long night

Iraq, 2015


Within wars and revolutions many people become victims and may heroes, names arise, but sadness, sorrow and disasters become the share of woman. Woman in every case sacrifices but unfortunately her sacrifices are regardless, here I wanted to speak about a Kurdish woman and her sacrifices. After the collapse of Kurdish revolution in 1975 Kurds began to leave Iraqi Kurdistan towards Iran and settled in an Iranian camp, among the refugees was a Kurdish woman with her two children who left her husband who was a Peshmarga fighting the enemy. In the refugees camp there was an Iranian officer who wanted to rape this woman, but this woman tried to protect herself from the officer and she hopes to live a better life in future.

Movie card

Direction Kamiran Betasi

Screenplay Kamiran Betasi

Cinematography Ali Shukir Nerwey

Editing Ali Dalaki

Art Direction Nashwan M. Salih

Music Nizamatin Aric

Cast Ruges Kirici, Ravo Sharif

Production Kovan Korki

Distribution  Shamal Sabri – Duhok Cinema Directorate

Location Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Language : Curdo, Persiano

Subtitle: Inglese

Info e contacts

Shamal Sabri - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



A LONG NIGHT Movie Trailer (2015) [HD] from kamiran betasi on Vimeo.


Date of screening: Thursday 2 July at 9:20 pm at the Cathedral of the Assumption

Ischia Film Festival 2020: diamo qualche numero


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