Italy, 2012


India - Lovebirds are young rebel lovers that risk their life just to stay together. They escape their families and persecution from India’s ancient tradition of prohibiting marriage outside one’s caste or religion. Different stories of Lovebirds on the run interweave in a poor shelter in New Delhi. There to help them is Mr. Sachdev who leads the Love Commandos, a group of Indian activists supporting their rebel choices.

Movie card

Direction Gianpaolo Bigoli

Screenplay Mariachiara Illica Magrini

Cinematography Marco Gualazzini - Gianpaolo Bigoli

Editing Gianpaolo Bigoli

Music Mauro Crivelli

Production Wendy Film - Insana Srl in collaborazione con Rai Tre

Distribution Doc & Film International

Info e contacts

Mariachiara Illica Magrini - Wendy Film: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scheduled: Thursday, July 4 at 11.10 at the Terrace of the Convent


Language: Indian Subtitles: Italian

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