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The Head Hunter



'The Head Hunter' brings to forth a pertinent question about the creation of a homogenous culture of existence and morality. It is about an old tribal man from a forgotten tribe of India, who dwells in a forest as ancient as him. Fierce and warrior like, rugged and wrinkled, he is the last of the North Eastern tribe of India called the `Head hunters’.

Movie card

Direction Nilanjan Datta

Screenplay Nilanjan Datta, Rupak Das e Navnita Sen Datta

Cast Nokshaa Saham e Mrigendra Konwar

Production Nilanjan Datta, Rajiv Nag, Dhiraj Singh, Tejas Sah

Location India

Language  Wancho

Subtitle  Inglese


In programming:

Tuesday, June 28th at 22:00 at the Terrazza Degli Ulivi (Aragonese Castle)


Info e contacts

Nilanjan Datta - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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