Italy, 2014

  • Duration: 94'


Perez is a court-appointed attorney. He could have been a great lawman, but fear got the best of him. He has always considered his mediocre situation as an efficient “shelter from unhappiness”. When danger comes to his house, he inevitably realizes that this is not true. Pressed by events, in the brave attempt to defend his daughter’s life, he breaks every rule. And every law.

Movie card

Screenplay Edoardo De Angelis, Filippo Gravino

Cinematography Ferran Paredes

Interpreti Cast

Luca Zingaretti, Marco D'Amore, Simona Tabasco, Gianpaolo Fabrizio, Massimiliano Gallo

Production Tramp LTD, O' Groove

Distribution Medusa Film

Info e contacts

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