Latif, poeta combattente

Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 15'


“Latif, battling poet” tells the story of Latif Al Saadi”, writer, poet and Iraqi dissident journalist exiled and tortured during Saddam Hussein's regime. He has lived in Italy for twenty years now committed as poet and cultural mediator. The documentary examines the spirit of a man who after long ideological and political battles, tries to reconstruct the puzzle of his life also through the complicated dialogue just found again with his son( he didn’t see grow up). Athir,exiled from Iraq,grew in a Russian building dedicated by the soviet regime to sons of fighters on behalf of Communism. He forgot also his native language and lost the name of his father but now, after 30 years, he has restarted to look for him, using social networks.

Movie card

Direction Massimiliano Zanin
Cinematography Martina Cocco
Editing Alessandro Calevro
Cast Latif Al Saadi
Production THINK'O FILM
Location Basilicata


Scheduled on June 24, 2017 at 21:00 at Casa del Sole

The director of the film Massimiliano Zanin will be present


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