La lunga strada gialla

The long yellow road, Italy, 2016

  • Duration: 79'


Federico and Mirko, two young palermitanis, riding their mules, Govanni and Paola, decide to travel from Portella delle Ginestre to the Quirinale and bring their message of ecology and social justice. A trip of over 1200km, in which the two protagonists meet shepherds, farmers, fishermen and many common people. Seeking their identity, the contact with a rural world that nowadays seems to be disappeared, but especially the contact with people that testify the vitality of the Southern Italy, discouraged by crime and by the incapabilty of progress to assimilate the traditions and the human values

Movie card

Direction Antonio Oliviero, Christian Carmosino
Screenplay Antonio Oliviero, Christian Carmosino
Editing Paolo Petrucci, Guendalina Flamini
Production Antonio Oliviero, Christian Carmosino, Sara Petrozzi, CPA ROMA TRE
Location Sicilia, Calabria, Campania, Lazio
Language Italiano
Subtitle Inglese, Italiano

Scheduled June 24 at 21:00 at the Bourbon Prison

* Directors Antonio Oliviero and Christian Carmosino will be present

Antonio Oliviero, Christian Carmosino


Info e contacts

Antonio Oliviero

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Trailer LA LUNGA STRADA GIALLA from CPA - Università Roma Tre on Vimeo.

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