La cella zero

Italy, 2014

  • Duration: 12'


‘Cella 0’ is the place where, according to the ones who have been inside it, the convicts of the Naples prison were brought to be beaten by some law enforcement agents. For the first time the convicts decide to tell this story to everyone and to share the experiences of the violence they suffered in jail. Only one of them cannot do it: Federico Perna died in the Naples prison the 8th November 2013. Ischemia, according to the autopsy. On the body of the 34 year old man there were clear signs of beating. 

Movie card

Direction Salvatore Esposito

Screenplay Salvatore Esposito

Cinematography  Salvatore Esposito

Editing Andrea Postiglione

Art Direction  Salvatore Esposito

Music Andrea Postiglione

Cast Pietro Ioia, Nina Perna, Enzo Raimo, Salvatore Solla, Salvatore Iadonisi, Rosario Cinque.

Production Salvatore Esposito, Andrea Postiglione

Distribution Salvatore Esposito

Info e contacts

Salvatore Esposito - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Zero Cell from Salvatore Esposito on Vimeo.

Projection Date: Monday, June 29 at 21:00 to the Cathedral of the Assumption

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