Il Fiume Giovane

Italy, 2014

  • Duration: 20'


Nuccio, Gerardo, Frida and Adelmo are four adolescents living through discovery in the alleys of their small town, Oliveo Citra, at the foot of Picentini mountains, above the spacious and incredibly green Sele valley. It is a small town with surrounded by wonderful landscapes: the fields, the woods and the gorges of the Picentini mountains and the Sele river that washes the territory. These elements fill their little reign with imagination and adventure: Olivetro Citra, a town dominated by a big castle with a strongly characteristic urban pattern. The town is also surrounded by Eremita-Marzano mountains and the picturesque scenery of Cilento and Alburni mountains. Driven by their strong curiosity discover the places of the Sele and especially yourself in a lively, playful, personal and suffered ritual training.

Movie card

Direction Carlos Solito

Screenplay Carlos Solito, Valentina Strada

Cinematography Stefano Passaro

Editing Federico Passaro

Art Direction Angelo Napolillo

Music Zeketam, Mariosa Fedele

Cast Mario Donatone, Antolia Lullo, Francesco Russo, Giovanni Salsano, Vincenzo Nigro

Production Ente Sele d’Oro Mezzogiorno, Oz Film Srl

Distribution Ente Sele d'Oro Mezzogiorno

Location Oliveto Citra, Caposele, Calabritto, Valva, Senerchia, Contursi Terme, Grotte di Pertosa

Language Italiano

Subtitle No subtitles

Info e contacts

Carlos Solito - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;


Date of screening: Friday 3rd July at 9:30 pm at the Terrazza degli Ulivi

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