I want to see the manager

Germany, Italy, 2014

  • Duration: 93'


Given the current transformations of the structure of the global power, I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER decides to lay out the connections from the rise and fall of the economy through seven paradigmatic episodes: India, Bolivia, China, United States, Italy, Thailand, Venezuela; each place contains fragments of the other, each episode testifies the hopes and fears of its protagonists. By comparing these different local experiences, in a reality marked by the global economy, I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER tries to analyze the concept of growth and decline.

Movie card

Direction Hannes Lang

Screenplay Mareike Wegener, Hannes Lang

Cinematography Thilo Schmidt

Editing Stefan Stabenow

Production Hannes Lang (Petrolio Film); Valerio B. Moser, Andreas Pichler (Miramonte Film)

Distribution Miramonte Film (Italia); Deckert Distribution (Estero)

Location Uyuni (BOL), Caracas (VE), Detroit (USA), Pompeii (IT), Chiang Mai (THAI), Mumbai (IND), Peking (CHN)

Language Inglese,Cinese,Thai,Spagnolo

Subtitle Italiano

Info e contacts


Hannes Lang - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Date of screening: Sunday, June 28th at 9:50 pm at the Casa del Sole

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