Austria, 2016

  • Duration: 30'


Elias is a shy boy who likes to talk to his bird rather than playing with other kids. When he meets the quirky artist Halim, a tender friendship develops between them but Elias’ mother does not approve it. The unusual relationship comes to an end when Halim suddenly has to flee away. It seems that there is nothing Elias can do to help him. But the refugee has left the boy a precious gift.. A film about friendship, escape and captivity in apparent freedom.

Movie card

Direction Werner Fiedler
Screenplay Werner Fiedler, Inès Khannoussi
Cinematography Leopold Fuchs
Editing Werner Fiedler
Cast Massud Rahnama , Paul Ummenhofer, Mira Strohecker, Sabine Kristof-Kranzelbinder, Marcus Thill
Production Werner Fiedler, FIEDLER FILM
Distribution aug&ohr medien
Location Germania


Scheduled for June 30th 2017 at 11.45pm at Casa

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