Fiammifero (Male non fare, paura non avere)

Italy, 2017

  • Duration: 13'


Enzo is a retired. He lives in a small room in a working-class neighborhood, where he was born seventyfive years ago. Every day, at three o'clock, Enzo leaves his small home. Standing in the middle of the square,he mixes words and verses, calling someone or something: many cats emerge from cars and alleys around the square. Enzo devoted his life to saving his invisible friends. Indeed, they are indispensable.

Movie card

Regia Direction Lorenzo Ambrosino
Sceneggiatura Screenplay Lorenzo Ambrosino
Fotografia Cinematography Lorenzo Ambrosino
Montaggio Editing Lorenzo Ambrosino
Interpreti Cast Vincenzo Villarosa
Produzione Production Lorenzo Ambrosino
Location Napoli: Quartieri Spagnoli, Rione Traiano, Posillipo


Scheduled for June 30, 2017 at 21:00 in Casa del sole

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