Dime Short

United States, 2016

  • Duration: 11' 5''


Dime Short is a glimpse into the world of so many Americas we never hear about. Bob Greene, a once successful real estate agent in rural Colorado, finds himself at a crossroads in life. His marriage, home and business were lost in the great recession of 2008. One more major set back could force him to live like Pete, the homeless war hero who sleeps down by the railroad tracks. One bright spot for Bob is his standing breakfast date with Donna, a waitress at the local diner. He finally has the courage to ask Donna on a real date but just when Bob is feeling better about himself, his world comes crashing down for all to see. There are those who show humility and those who just don’t get it.

Movie card

Direction Krista Gano
Screenplay Laura Carson
Cinematography Aaron Kopp
Editing William Haugse
Cast Timothy Brennen, Laura Carson, Michael McNulty, Brittany Horn, BeverlySartain
Production Jon Diack
Location Sedalia Colorado USA and Denver Colorado USA

Scheduled for June 25, 2017 at 22:50 in Piazzale delle Armi.

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Dime Short Trailer from Noggin Sauce Pictures on Vimeo.

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