black skins, white masks

peaux noires, masques blancs, France, 2014

  • Duration: 55'



Images from a 20,000 km journey through West Africa : furtive visions from the depths of the bush, women, men, children, the power of a gaze, of daily gestures. But also a school teacher, a school, what one learns there, the French language. And the words of men : testimony, questioning, between archaism and modernity. Woven through the images: the face of a young girl, whose golden earrings sparkle.

Movie card

Direction Lise Bellynck & Frédéric Aspisi

Cinematography Frédéric Aspisi

Editing Lise Bellynck

Production Lise Bellynck & Frédéric Aspisi

Info e contacts

Lise Bellynck - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Projection date: Tuesday 30 June at 11.10 pm in Cattredale dell'Assunta

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