Agar-agar. Grass from the ocean

Arap-Arap. Трава из океана, Russian Federation, 2014

  • Duration: 26'


Agar-agar is a product obtained by extraction from red seaweed. It's a natural vegetable gelatine counterpart used in the food processing industry, especially wide - in the confectionery industry. Algae catches manually cut the plant from the ocean floor with a high risk for their lives spending sometimes 8 hours per day in the boat. They bring algae ashore and dry it in order to sell it later for a few dirhams to the state. For many in Morocco this is the only possible mean to earn their living.

Movie card

Direction Evguenia Killikh

Screenplay Evguenia Killikh

Cinematography Kirill Ovchinnikov

Editing Evguenia Killikh

Production Evguenia Killikh 

Location Russia

Language Arabo

Subtitle  Inglese

Info e contacts

Evguenia Killikh - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Agar-agar. Grass from the ocean. Official trailer from Evgenia Killikh on Vimeo.


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