1000 Rupee Note

Ek Hazarachi Note, India, 2014

  • Duration: 89'


During a political rally in a small village in Maharashtra, India Budhi, a poor old woman receives a largess of several 1000 Rupee notes from a politician. She goes shopping to the nearby market town with her neighbor but fate has other plans for them.

Movie card

 Direction Shrihari Sathe

Screenplay Shrikant Bojewar

Cinematography Ming Kai Leung

Editing Shrihari Sathe

Art Direction Prashant Bidkar

Music Shailendra Barve

Cast Usha Naik; Sandeep Pathak; Shrikant Yadav; Ganesh Yadav; Pooja Nayak

Production Shrihari Sathe

Distribution 3 Monkeys

Maharashtra, India

Language Marathi

Subtitle Inglese

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