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Ischia Film Festival, 8 days of Under the Sky

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Series, documentaries and people from Sky: the preview of the new series Riviera, all the episodes of 1993 and The Night Of in the presence of John Turturro, as well as four appointments with the great documentaries of Sky Arte.


8 Under the Sky

[Ischia, 19 June 2017] Eight days under the sky of Ischia. Or better, Under the Sky. That is the name of the new section Ischia Film Festival set up with the Sky satellite television platform. A wide programming that involves Sky Arte and Sky Atlantic, but above all a brand new concept for the audience. It is not about Binge Watching, that is compulsive watching a whole series in one go, but an appointment, every evening of the festival, to enjoy on a big screen two of this year’s best series broadcasted by Sky. The Night Of, will be accompanied by our IQOS lifetime achievement award laureate John Turturro, protagonist, with Rhiz Ahmed, of one of the greatest surprises of the season, written and directed by Steven Zaillian and produced by HBO.
The television series 1993 is an idea of Stefano Accorsi, it is a sequel of 1992 and we already know it is going to be the prequel of 1994. This story of the years of Bribesville and of the rise of Silvio Berlusconi gripped the audience, that is already looking forward to the next season to discover what will happen to Leonardo Notte and the other characters of a Italy from 25 years ago, though still very close to us.

Under the sky of Ischia, there is also room for a preview, the first episode of Riviera, ideated by the Oscar laureate Neil Jordan, director of great films as The Crying Game, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. Featuring Julia Stiles, who was already the partner of the serial killer Dexter, in one of the best seasons of the series, Riviera is a surprising and absorbing crime drama that will be released on Sky Atlantic from July 11. The appointment with the audience of Ischia is instead on June 29.

Moreover, there will be room for four appointments with the great documents of Sky Arte. The first, on Sunday, June 25, will be Perché sono un genio, the story of the director Lorenza Mazzetti, founder of the british Free Cinema movement during the fifties. The following day, Monday, June 26, in Piazza d’Armi in the Aragonese Castle will host the Programming Manager of Sky Arte Guido Casali, who will introduce Graffiti a New York a jurney in the world of writers of the Big Apple. On Tuesday, June 27, it will be the turn of Andrea Pazienza: fino all’estremo, a deserved and sincere remembrance of one of the greatest Italian cartoonist, an extraordinary artist, prematurely disappeared. Lastly, on Wednesday, June 28, we will screen Blow up di Blow up, a documentary that explores the backstage of Blow up, timeless masterpiece by Michelangelo Antonini.
An extremely rich program, that the artistic directors of Ischia Film Festival, Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo, are glad to have created in concert with Sky. This synergy projects the festival to the future of the audiovisual product and of the concept of festival itself. Indeed, these events will increasingly have to meet the tastes and the needs of an audience which is changing along with the concept of cinema, that is moving toward an 8-hour film, divided in episodes but better if enjoyed on the big screen, if possible, and sharing the experience.  This is what is going to happen this year, 2017, from June 24, to July 1, under the sky of the 15th edition of Ischia Film Festival.

Ischia Film Festival 2017 is supported by MiBACT – Cinema General Direction, SIAE and Campania Region, with the contribution of Philip Morris Italia and Bayer.


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Ischia Film Festival 2017: Claudia Cardinale from Cannes to Ischia for Pasquale Squitieri

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7 Claudia Cardinale

[Ischia, 17 June 2017] The actress will be a guest of the festival and will take part in the touching tribute evening to honor the memory of the great Italian film director, who came to the Aragonese Castle in one of his last public appearances. The homage will be the highlight of the retrospective - the only one so far - of the great filmmaker and will start on June 26, with Ottavia Fusco. The main event will be on June 29, in presence of Claudia Cardinale, who featured on the Cannes Film Festival poster this year.
Next year, the diva will celebrate her remarkable 60-year career, during which she starred in many films by the greatest directors of Italian cinema: Mario Monicelli, Pietro Germi, Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, Sergio Leone, Antonio Pietrangeli, solo per citarne alcuni, e all'estero Blake Edwards, Richard Brooks, Werner Herzog. She has devoted her life to the cinema and a new film has just been released in Italian theaters, she is the wonderful main character of the funny grotesque comedy Nobili Bugie by Antonio Pisu. In her extraordinary filmography, there are eight films with Pasquale Squitieri, representing the exceptional working and romantic relationship of these artists. A few months ago, the world of cinema had to say goodbye to this great author. In 2015, Ischia Film Festival honored Squitieri with a Lifetime Achievement Award, this year, the festival will remember him with a sincere tribute.
The artistic directors of the festival, Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo, are pleased to announce that Claudia Cardinale, one of the greatest actress of Italian cinema, will commemorate her companion of many cinema and human adventures at Ischia Film Festival 2017. This guest of honor enriches even more the programme of this year’s festival.
Ischia Film Festival 2017 is supported by MiBACT – Cinema General Direction, SIAE and Campania Region, with the contribution of Philip Morris Italia and Bayer. The 15th edition will take place from June 24to July 1 in the Aragonese Castle in Ischia.

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Scenarios of Campania: the new section of the IFF is focused on our region

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Campania is the protagonist of the entire festival

Castello Aragonese

[Ischia, June 13 2017] An event like Ischia Film Festival, for its 10th edition, couldn’t forget the most important location: our region, Campania. Therefore, in 2017, Scenarios of Campania will be a showcase for the best regional film production: shorts, features and documentaries will recount us the location we live in through the art that we love. The whole festival program shows that we have always paid close attention to our territory. In the competition – here come the first previews of the 2017 edition – “I peggiori” tells about a different Naples, as well as “Vieni a vivere a Napoli”, “Indivisibili”, “Falchi” and “Maradonapoli” in the section “Best of”. For this new out of competition section, where more than elsewhere participating is more important than winning, we will try to bring to Ischia the best of the independent cinema of our territory and offer a tour of dozens of locations in Campania, docking at the Aragonese Castle in Ischia. Scenarios of Campania highlights the will of Ischia Film Festival to develop its prominent role in the landscape of cinematographic and cultural promotion of a land that is creatively more and more fertile. Napoli is becoming a film capital and the others cities are no more only provinces. Many different views, scenarios, indeed, will be shown at Ischia Film Festival, ranging from great, but often unknown, artistic richness – as in “Natività” and “Mirabiles”, from extraordinary archeological sites to a Caravaggio masterpiece – and the identity of our cities represented by their professions and inhabitants – “A’faccia”, “Lypso”, “La consegna”, to name but a few – to futuristic and poetic views as in “(In)Felix”. Indeed, the festival has the ambition to become the permanent center of gravity of the cinema of Campania, after having reached a prominent position of national and international scope.
Ischia film Festival will take place at the Aragonese Castle in ischia from June 24 to July 1.


Scenarios of Campania
Andare (Italia, 2016) by Massimo Cerrotta
La consegna (Italia, 2016) by Vincenzo Peluso
Dogs naso di cane (Italia, 2017) by Domenico Balsamo
‘A Faccia (Italia, 2016) by Fabrizio Livigni
Fiammifero (Italia, 2016) by Lorenzo Ambrosino 
La forza del silenzio (Italia, 2016) by Salvatore Esposito
(In)Felix (Italia, 2016) by Maria Di Razza
Lypso (Italia, 2017)  by Vincenzo Capaldo
Mirabiles – i custodi del mito (Italia, 2016) by Alessandro Chetta and Marco Perillo
Natività (Italia, 2016) by Gianfranco Antacido
Parusia Napoletana (Italia, 2016) by Rosa Maietta




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John Turturro will be awarded the IQOS Innovation Award for Lifetime Achievement

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The famous Italo American actor will receive the Ischia Film Festival recognition on June 26

6 John Turturro

[Ischia, June 14] John Turturro will be awarded the IQOS Innovation Award: the Ischia Film Festival recognition for Lifetime Achievement is issued by IQOS from 2017, to support excellence and the experimentation of new forms of filmmaking. It will be awarded to the famous actor of Italian origin on the occasion of the 15th Ischia Film Festival, on June 26.

John Turturro is one of the greatest American actors of the last 30 years. From his debut (not accredited) with Martin Scorsese in Raging Bull, Turturro shared the set with the best authors. Spike Lee gave him the lead role in Do the Right Thing. Right afterwards, the Coen brothers chose him for Miller's Crossing, starting a long history of memorable interpretations, namely the devilish bowler Jesus Quintana, in The Big Lebowski, who will soon knock down pins again in Going Places, a new film directed by Turturro himself.

There is no better place than the Festival to launch the IQOS Innovation Award, which aims to recognize the true innovators, the game changers, the personalities who reinvented themselves in their sector, who are ahead of the times. Innovation and change are some of the key values of IQOS’ philosophy. IQOS produces a groundbreaking technology that heats tobacco instead of burning it, thanks to which Philip Morris International is revolutionizing at a global level a traditional sector that remained unchanged for centuries.

Ischia Film Festival already awarded its Lifetime Achievement Award, now IQOS Innovation Award, to the Oscar laureate and set designer of the James Bond saga Ken Adam, to the Master of lighting Vittorio Storaro, to extraordinary filmmakers as Abel Ferrara, Amos Gitai and Margarethe Von Trotta, to great Italian authors of the caliber of Giuliano Montaldo and Pupi Avati and to the late Pasquale Squitieri, to whose memory, this year, the festival dedicates a deserved retrospective.

John Turturro has just turned 60 and he doesn’t have time to rest. Last year he embraced a new television adventure with an extraordinary series, The Night of, in the role of the lawyer John Stone, gaining his second nomination for the Golden Globe lifetime achievement award, after the one for Quiz Show by Robert Redford. This New Yorker from Brooklin never lacked recognition. He was celebrated in Cannes for his interpretation and his direction of the film Barton Fink, where he was awarded the Caméra d'Or for the best debut film, Mac, in 1992.

John Turturro is a complete artist: he is also a musician, a singer and a dancer. He is passionate about Italy and above all Napoli, that he celebrated in his documentary Passione, a love declaration to the city and its music tradition. It is thus natural that the paths of Turturro and Ischia Film Festival cross. It will happen during the evening of June 26, when the actor and director, with the festival artistic directors Michelangelo Messina and Boris Sollazzo, will meet the festival audience at the Assunta Cathedral in the Aragonese Castle. After the conversation, the documentary Passione will be screened to celebrate the relationship between Turturro and Italy, that reached its highest point at the collaboration with Nanni Moretti in My mother. The homage to John Turturro will be completed with Romance and Cigarettes, a musical romantic comedy film that features Kate Winslet and the late James Gandolfini, and a surprise that will be announced soon.

The event is part of the tight schedule of Ischia Film Festival, the only international film exhibition devoted to locations. In 2017, more than 90 works from 4 continents will be screened, there will be 4 international competition sections (feature films, documentaries, short films and Denied Location with documentaries and short films), 3 side sections out of competition, presenting the best of Italian and international cinema of the last cinematographic season, and many rerospectives/prospectives, including one dedicated to television seriality and to the role of Sky in the innovation of the cinematographic narration on the small screen. Overall, nearly 7,000 minutes of projection are scheduled and thousands of people are expected during the seven days of festival – from June 24 to July 1 – with 5 open air theaters in the wonderful venues of the Aragonese Castle.

Ischia Film Festival 2017 is supported by MiBACT – Cinema General Direction, SIAE and Campania Region, with the contribution of Philip Morris Italia and Bayer



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XV Convegno internazionale sul Cineturismo

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30 GIUGNO 2017
Ischia, Castello Aragonese
“Il Cineturismo in Italia; un'opportunità per il territorio: analisi e prospettive”


Michelangelo Messina
Founder & Direttore Artistico Ischia Film Festival Presidente Osservatorio permanente sul Cineturismo®


Antimo Cesaro
Sottosegretario di Stato per il Ministero dei beni e delle attività culturali e del turismo
“L’industria cinematografica. Valorizzazione del talento e ricadute occupazionali”

Nicola Borrelli
Direttore Direzione Generale Cinema – MiBact
"La nuova legge cinema e la promozione del territorio a fini turistici"

Rosanna Romano
Direttore Generale per le Politiche Culturali e il Turismo Regione Campania
“Il cinema nelle strategie per la Cultura e il Turismo della Regione Campania”

Maurizio Gemma
Direttore Generale Campania Film Commission

Luigi Mazzella
Vice Presidente Emerito della Corte Costituzionale
“Il cinema e il turismo: due poli fondamentali della società post-industriale e dei servizi”

Luciano Sovena
Presidente Roma Lazio Film Commission
“L’intervento della regione Lazio nel 2016 e 2017”

Maurizio Sciarra
Presidente Apulia Film Commission
“Apulia Film Commission e l'impatto dell'audiovisivo sul territorio Pugliese”

Anna Olivucci
Responsabile Marche Film Commission – Fondazione Marche cultura
Landscape – “Terre trasformate”. La location al tempo del sisma

Simona Banchi
“Dallo studio sugli impatti degli investimenti sul territorio pugliese, ad una progettazione di Cineturismo”

Alessandro Del Ninno
Tonucci & Partner
“Il Cineturismo nella Legge 14 novembre 2016, n. 220 - Disciplina del cinema e dell'audiovisivo”

Davide Mancini
Content Advisor per IVIPRO
“Italian Videogame Program: videogiochi per raccontare l’Italia”

Patrizia Minardi
Presidenza della Giunta regionale della Basilicata
“Basilicata Movie tourism”

Leonardo Braico
Presidente Gal Bradanica/Consorzio START 2020
“Cineturismo e Turismo dell'Esprerienza: verso Matera-Basilicata 2019”

Giuseppe Lalinga
Basilicata Cineturismo Experience
“Cineturismo Experience e Proposte Taylor Made "Set to Set"”

Boris Sollazzo


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