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Ischia Film Festival, Veltroni: “Do-goodism? A silly definition. And I don’t regret having been a politician”

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The ex-secretary of PD has presented his last documentary, Indizi di Felicità


20 iff Veltroni

[Ischia, 29th June 2017] The fifth night of Ischia Film Festival has been embellished by the gorgeous meeting of Walter Veltroni with the public of the castle. The ex-secretary of PD has presented his third documentary as a filmmaker, Indizi di Felicità, and, when interviewed before the show by the co-director Boris Sollazzo, he has explained the genesis of the movie and has spoken a little bit about his life after politics.
 “The research of happiness is a trip, and that’s what I have tried to do meeting the people you can see in the movie and asking them the same question: “Which was the happiest moment of your life?”. Even Veltroni had his happy moment, seeing the extraordinary location in which his movie has been showed. “I have to say thanks to all those people that everyday work to preserve the wonderful Aragonese Castle and to who has had the idea to organise a festival of cinema here. All the beauty of Italy is here, culture, beauty, in this festival there is a strong evidence of our identity”.
 He has also spent some moments looking back to past, as politician but not only. “I have never complained about being considered a bleeding heart. It’s a silly definition and, by the way, a human being is much more than a simple word. I had my values and I wanted to protect them, fighting against those exercising the art of destruction, that is often exercised in our country and that has hurt a lot. We are specialists in hurting and tripping others, especially if successful and young”.
 Taking a stock, Veltroni doesn’t have regrets. “My father died at 37 for a disease that now is treatable, my grandfather has been tortured by Nazis. Do I have the right to complain? Sincerely, not. I conducted a great everyday life, I have been secretary of my party, vice-prime minister, Rome mayor, I have written romances and shooted movies. I ceased having power, not having political passion and I keep on pursuing my civil duties by writing and shooting movies. I don’t see any contradiction in these two phases of my life, I see everything as an unitary project and when I close my eyes I know I have done anything I wanted to do when I was young. I wanted to change the world and shoot movies. I don’t know if I managed to do the first, actually I hope I contributed in some way, as for concerns the movies I did it. I have nothing to complain about”.
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