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The surprise preview in Piazza d’Armi is Riviera, the most waited series of the year

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In Piazza d’Armi, today, 29th June at 9.00 pm the Italian preview of



A Sky original production created by the Oscar® awarded Neil Jordan


From Tuesday 11th july at 9.15 pm with two episodes each night on Sky Atlantic HD


 19 Lanteprima a sorpesa in Piazza dArmi è Riviera3-min

[Ischia, 29 June 2017] From the 11th July, on Sky Atlantic HD, at 21.15 with the first two episodes, will arrive Riviera, the new unmissable Sky original production which, on the breathtaking background of the sunny south of France, narrates the tricks and scandals of the super opulent and glamour French Riviera élite. The tv series, ten episodes, was created by the filmmaker and screenwriter Oscar® awarded Neil Jordan (The crying game, interview with the vampires, the brave one), from an idea of the U2’s manager Paul McGuinnes. The first two episodes were directed by Phillip Kadelbach (Unshulding) and have the signature of the winner of Booker Prize John Banville (the sea), who has collaborated in the script.The show, a totally European production that Sky broadcasts in five countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria) for an overall public of 21 million people, has an international cast led by Julia Stiles (Save the last dance, Jason Bourne saga, Silver linings playbook), Lena Olin (Remember me, The reader, Chocolat), Iwan Rheon (the hated Ramsay Bolton in Games of Thrones, Misfits), Adrian Lester (Hustle) and Anthony LaPaglia (Without a trace).

In part a family drama, in part a crime series, Riviera offers a black portrait, but at the same time sparkling, of the jet set of French Riviera, based upon scandals, sex, secrets and deceits. Julia Stiles guides the cast in the role of Georgina Clios, brilliant second wife of the philanthropist Constantine Clios (Anthony LaPaglia) died in mysterious circumstances. The death of the billionaire activates a domino effect that soon leads the woman, ready for anything in order to preserve the family and wealth, to figure out that she didn’t know well that man and the world in which he lived.
19 Lanteprima a sorpesa in Piazza dArmi è Riviera4-min

Lena Olin plays the part of the ex-wife of Constantine Clios Irina Atman: after the death of her ex husband she will secretly orchestrate to become again the matriarch of Clios clan. Her weapons? Her role in the Riviera élite and… his sons. Adam, played by Iwan Rheon, is the eldest son of Constantine and Irina, he just wants to have an easy existence as writer. Despite the fact that he refuses in any way the paraded opulence of his family, harbors in him a grudge that will lead him to cross the limit and, maybe, find the key to figure out what happened to Constantine. Christos, played by Dimitri Leonidas (The Monuments Men), is the heir of the business empire of the Clios, but after the death of the father he will discover how much that position is dangerous and inconvenient. The huge weight of duties on his shoulders will soon start to oppress him and to undermine his insecurities. Then Adriana Clios, complex and puzzling character. She’s the youngest daughter of Costantine and Irina. Her relation with her mother is undermined by years of questions without answers. She has always felt a certain distance between her and her parents ad she feels as an outsider even in her own house. However, thanks to the love towards her family, we will be capable of putting the pieces back together. Playing her role, the actress Roxane Duran, well known for he part in White Ribbon.

More than Clios family, in the middle of Riviera events also Robert Carver (performed by Adrian Lester, actor but also filmmaker in two episodes of Riviera)- an old mate of Georgina in the art school, who is a well know name in the receiving of stolen art works- and Jakob Negrescu ( Igal Naor, The Honourable Woman, 300: rise of an empire), ex chief of security of Costantine. Last but not least, the Egyptian actor Amr Waked (know for his role in Lucy by Luc Besson and Salmon fishing in the Yemen by Lasse Hallström), who plays the role of Karim Delormes, inspector of police forces in Nice, and Phil Davis (Whitechapel, Poldark) in the shoes of Jukes, the Britain anti-fraud investigator who will try to reach the heart of Constantine’s shady affairs.

RIVIERA- exclusive first vision from the 11th July, each Tuesday from 9.15 pm on Sky Atlantic HD with two episodes. Available only on Sky Go and Sky On Demand.


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